Brazzers Rubadub, Hot Dick In a Tub with Juan El Caballo Loco and Osa Lovely in Brazzers Exxtra

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Title : Rubadub, Hot Dick In a Tub
Pornstars : Juan El Caballo Loco Osa Lovely
Sites : Brazzers Exxtra
Descriptions :

Osa Lovely is looking hot. Her all-natural titties and perfect round ass are ripe for the taking. When getting ready for a bath, she realizes she forgot one thing, her phone. She robes up and heads to the living room to find it. Her new stepson has his horned-up buddy over, Juan Loco, and he’s quick to notice the smoke show of a stepmom, Osa, right away. Hard not to when her titty is popping right out of her robe! After getting some upskirt action, Juan decides to hit the head in hopes of seeing more of what’s under Osa’s robe. Juan discovers her bubble bath and takes the leap to hide his hard cock in the warm water. Osa returns and gets soapy in the suds only to discover Juan’s dick bobbing at the surface! It’s a good thing she likes his cock. College guys, they’re all the same. Lucky lil horndogs, am I right?

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