Brazzers Sexual Engineering with Destiny Cruz and Ricky Johnson in Brazzers Exxtra

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Title : Sexual Engineering
Pornstars : Destiny Cruz Ricky Johnson
Sites : Brazzers Exxtra
Descriptions :

The horned up Destiny Cruz has been so lacking in affection, that desire for physical touch, that she is going absolutely fucking insane. Cooped up in her house with nothing but a spotty connection to the internet, a dreadful dating scene, and Ricky Johnson, her shut-in roommate… She’s at the end of her rope. Fine. Fine! She’ll make do with what she’s got. Taping a hand to a fan to have it caress her thigh. Stuffing shirt arms to wrap around her shoulder. Attaching vibrator to couch to give her back a massage… Fuck, okay, she’s getting a bit too drawn into it. What’s next? Grinding against a pillow? Attaching dildo to door or drawer to fuck herself with? Ricky, however, might have a different – but equally creative – solution involving a remote controlled car, a camera and a dildo!

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