Brazzers Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped with J. Mac and Skylar Vox in Baby Got Boobs

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Title : Skylar Gets Wrapped And Tapped
Pornstars : J. Mac Skylar Vox
Sites : Baby Got Boobs
Descriptions :

Bombshell blond Skylar Vox has just made a huge mistake, by starting a prank battle with her boyfriend JMac. JMac doesn’t take being pranked lightly and responds by jacking off into Skylar’s bottle of body wash. That’s only part one of his revenge though. When Skylar runs out of the shower naked after using the contaminated soap, JMac corners her and wraps her tightly in cling wrap. JMac teases the naked and tied Skylar, making her admit he’s the better prankster. All this action has gotten both of them pretty horny though and JMac soon has his hands all over Skylar’s plastic-covered body. Skylar accepts her “defeat”, allowing JMac to fondle her and use her mouth for a hands-free blowjob. Finally, Skylar is freed from the plastic wrap so she can give her man a proper fucking.

Actors: JMac / Skylar Vox

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