Brazzers Superset Anal Workout with Mona Azar and Ricky Spanish in Brazzers Exxtra

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Title : Superset Anal Workout
Pornstars : Mona Azar Ricky Spanish
Sites : Brazzers Exxtra
Descriptions :

Ricky Spanish just wants to lift, but his gym is full of steroid-pumped meatheads. However, one particular muscle-bro has a smoking hot girlfriend, Mona Azar, who’s focusing on exercises that emphasize her juicy ass. In order to get closer to Mona, Ricky shows an exaggerated interest in lifting and all things nutrition and fitness… but he isn’t exactly built for squats and bench presses. While Mona isn’t impressed at first thanks to Ricky’s mischievous pranks, Ricky’s determination and, naturally, his massive cock, eventually wins her over. When it comes to anal sex, they both have perfect form and unlimited reserves of strength.

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